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High pressure, bespoke service
for some of the world’s best-known
cruise liners. Supply of fresh, frozen,
protein, dairy and dry goods to the
docks in Southampton and overseas.

The cruise line industry is one of the success stories of recent
years, enjoying high growth rates as more and more people
discover what the giants of the seas can offer. These ships
dock for a very limited time, and the process of re-stocking
supplies is a complex and detailed operation.
Timings are crucial, with no margin for error.

Mack Ship Stores has a formidable reputation in the field
for uncompromising service. Our product range has
expanded at the request of the cruise line customers,
with everything from drinks to cleaning products,
flour, fresh produce, meat, fish and dairy products
procured to order and taken from our
Nursling base to the docks.

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Ship Stores website