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The longest-established part of the
business, Mack Wholesale is where our
story begins. We retain three busy
wholesale branches, located at
Birmingham Bristol and Southampton.

Whilst the Covent Garden branch is a nostalgic memory these
days, it’s there that founder Matthew Mack began his business
in 1874. He built his trade thanks to his entrepreneurial flair
and determination to succeed. Characteristics that have
stayed in the company DNA ever since.

Our wholesale outlets still run with the traditional
night-time hours, welcoming a wide variety of
customers. Caterers, foodservice operators,
stallholders, small chain stores, airlines
and cruise lines all rely on Mack Wholesale.

Customers receive a friendly, tailored service,
competitive pricing and quality products –
fruit, vegetables, flowers and exotics.
Sourcing to order and added value
services are available by negotiation.

Visit the Mack
Wholesale website