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Work with us

Careers in fresh produce are really
rewarding not only do you get to work
with delicious, colourful and healthy products
every day, you also work with passionate
and interesting people.

As our products are seasonal and sourced from all
around the world, there’s always a fresh challenge
to manage. It’s a competitive industry, so keeping
our forward momentum and spotting the next
opportunity is also really important in our people.
Our group structure is one of our great strengths,
and it means we have more to offer our people
when it comes to career development. There
are opportunities for travel, for learning and for
broadening experience.

The positions we’re looking to fill today are
listed here. Details of how to apply for each
role are on the listing. We also welcome
speculative contact from prospective
candidates who may have interesting
skills or experience. You can email us at
careers@frescagroup.co.uk remember
to attach your CV and to let us know
why you think we’re the perfect
company for you.

Current vacancies