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Citrus is a signature category
for all retail customers and it needs
expertise and dedication to succeed.
In MMG Citrus two industry leaders
have combined forces to create a
compelling commercial opportunity.

A joint venture, MMG Citrus was created by Fresca business
Mack together with Spain’s largest citrus grower, Martinavarro.
The aim was to become more vertically integrated, linking
the retailer directly with the grower, but retaining the
valuable expertise and commercial experience of the
marketing agent. Source teams around the world ensure
a seamless 12 month supply, with investment in varietal
development and new plantings helping to satisfy the
growing demand for better quality easy peel, more
reliable seedlessness and for exciting speciality
crops in particular.

MMG Citrus is a core supplier to well-known
UK retailers from its base at our Fresh
Produce Centre in Kent.

Visit the MMG
Citrus website